How do I qualify for the Good Neighbour Project?

You qualify for the Good Neighbour Project if you belong to one of the following categories and do not have any support - Elderly -Immunocompromised -Single Parent -Pregnant Persons - Person with a Disability (visible/invisible)

How do I pay for my groceries?

You can pay for your groceries via - E-transfer - Cash - Cheque - Gift Cards

What kind of volunteering opportunities are available with the Good Neighbour Project?

There are a variety of opportunities available with the Good Neighbour Project

Can I post my request or a request on behalf of someone I know on the FB page?

Yes, you are able to submit a request on behalf of someone you know who is unable to do so themselves.

How long do I need to wait to be matched with the volunteer?

It can take 48 hours for a requester to be connected with a volunteer.

Can I ask for the same volunteer?

Yes, you may request the same volunteer but it is not guaranteed that the same volunteer will always be available.

How many stores can I ask the volunteer to go to?

Volunteers should only be going to 1 store in order to limit the possibility of contagion.

Can I ask the volunteer to bring the groceries inside my apartment/house?

In order to maintain physical distancing, the volunteer will not be bringing grocery items inside unless there is an accessibility issue. And in these cases, our volunteers will still follow guidelines for physical distancing.

What payment methods are allowed when using GNP service?

The following payment methods are allowed: -E-Transfer -Cash -Cheque

Can someone else pay on behalf of me?

Yes, our hotline call takers will take down the information of the individual paying on your behalf.

Can I ask for a volunteer who has a Costco membership?

No, we do not guarantee that volunteers can shop at specific stores.


Once I get matched, can I help the same requester?

Volunteers can be matched with the same requester. However, for safety purposes, all subsequent requests must be submitted through the hotline.

Can I choose more than one delivery at once if both requests are in the same area?

Yes, that is possible. Please ensure you are not spreading yourself too thin because there will be other volunteers who can assist as well!

What do I do if I don't feel comfortable with a request once I get in touch with the requester?

Please inform your hotline coordinator as soon as possible to inform them that you cannot go through the request.

What if I can't find everything on the list provided by the requester?

That is okay. We understand that not everything will be in stock. We can only ask volunteers to purchase whatever is possible.

When do I need to complete the delivery?

Volunteers are expected to complete the requests within 24-48 hours once they have been assigned to them.

How can I find request posts in my area?

Please click on the topics on the right-hand side of our Facebook group to see requests based on area

What do I need to know (or keep in mind) before making a delivery

We cover this information in our Volunteer Delivery Guideline. Please ensure you read this before you complete any delivery that you have been assigned.

What kind of volunteering opportunities are available with the Good Neighbour Project?

Volunteers can get involved by completing delivery requests that come in through our hotline, assist with our outreach efforts or become one of our hotline call takers. Please stay connected with our various volunteer opportunities by joining our Facebook group: Good Neighbour Project