volunteer with us

 You can get involved with the Good Neighbour Project in the following ways

delivery volunteer

OUTREACH support

graphic designer

Delivery volunteers play the essential role of shopping and delivering essential items to our vulnerable requesters.

The outreach team connects the Good Neighbour Project with other initiatives to ensure we are able to reach those who require assistance.

Our graphic designers create compelling graphics and videos 

for our online platforms and

marketing collateral.

HOTLINE intake 


special projects coordinator

social media coordinator

When someone in need calls into our hotline, it is our compassionate team of hotline intakers who will coordinate their requests.

The special projects team pushes innovation and develops different types of initiatives to tackle emerging issues in the face of the pandemic.

The social media team shares the experiences of our Good Neighbour community, and keeps everyone

up-to-date on our initiatives.

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For questions email us at: volunteer@goodneighbourproject.com