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Community Service


The Good Neighbour Project started in March 2020 in response to how seniors and persons with disabilities were unable to access groceries when the pandemic first started.  

It became obvious that there was a disparity between those with access to supplies and groceries and those without. We became a network of volunteers willing to assist with delivering groceries, essential supplies, and medication to those with disabilities, compromised immune systems, the elderly, single parents, and pregnant persons.


We offer a delivery system coordinated through our hotlines as well as support for organizations, food banks, and community centers that work with vulnerable people. 

The Good Neighbour Project is here with the intention to serve members of the community that would be impacted the most by the pandemic.

"The best of people are those who are most beneficial to mankind"

In March 2020, the pandemic was taking hold of our everyday lives. An 8-year-old girl wanted to help the seniors in her neighborhood and so the Good Neighbour Project came to be. With the help and the commitment of over 6000 volunteers who have contributed over 22,700 hours, the Good Neighbour Project spiraled into a community that has helped over 8600 isolated seniors, persons with disabilities, and other vulnerable persons.

Here is where it all began...

The Good Neighbour Project team and volunteers are a group of individuals from across Ontario who have come together to support our communities.

Read More About Our Extraordinary team of volunteers

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